Season 1

Herostar, Diamond_Lover and Old_Sword vs The Enderdragon. 

Details: Herostar, Diamond_Lover and Old_Sword arrive in the end, they mine up to the surface where they spot loads of Endermen, however they quickly run away when the Enderdragon appears. It charges right at Herostar knocking him back and dealing 5 hearts damage, he then shoots it in the head with an arrow, but a crystal quickly heals it. Old_Sword destroys one crystal with a shot from his bow, while Diamond_Lover builds a tower up to another crystal, before hitting it with his spade, destroying it but also knocking him off the tower. Herostar destroys a third crystal using an arrow, which at the time is healing the Enderdragon, causing it to take damage.

The dragon charges at Diamond_Lover and kills him, but he respawns right back where he was with his stuff for an unknown reason. With all the crystals gone Herostar and Diamond_Lover fires arrows at the Enderdragon, damaging it. Old_Sword fires an arrow right at its head, dealing massive damage to it. The dragon tries to charge at the 3, but Old_Sword slices it with his sword, while Herostar hits it in the head with a Pickaxe. The dragon makes one last charge but it shot by an arrow from each player, and is killed.

Outcome: The Enderdragon is defeated, the 3 players arrive back to the over world with lots of XP.

Herostar, Diamond lover and Old_Sword vs MrPig.

Details: Not much is known about the fight as it happened off screen.

Outcome: Diamond_Lover and Old_Sword have damaged armour, they possibly fled from MrPig.

Overlord vs MrPig (Flashback)

Details: Overlord and MrPig start out locking swords, then they fight for a bit with basic sword manoeuvers. Overlord then jumps over MrPig and stands behind him, but MrPig quickly turns around and cuts overlord hand, causing him to drop his sword. MrPig then picks up Overlord’s sword and points it at the defeated Overlord.

Outcome: MrPig is victories with no injuries and is granted op privileges, Overlord is banned from the server.

Seeason 2

Diamond_Lover vs MrPig

Details: MrPig teleports diamond lover to a small platform above lava with him, he gives Diamond_Lover an iron sword, helmet and chest plate and challenges him to a fight. MrPig however has full diamond armour and a diamond sword. MrPig almost immediately knocks Diamond_Lover over the edge, however Sheep_e jumps onto the platform and punches MrPig back who falls into the lava, he teleports away before he is burnt to death.

Outcome: Diamond_Lover is victories with help from Sheep_e, MrPig fled from the battle but then shot Diamond_Lover with a bow shortly afterwards as revenge.

Herostar vs Ultimate_Overlord 1

Details: Ultimate_Overlord flies towards Herostar and taunts him, Herostar draws his sword and takes a swing at Ultimate_Overlord, however Ultimate_Overlord quickly fires lightning at him before he can attack. Ultimate_Overlord then flies back to his ship, Herostar shoots an arrow at him, but it only hits the window on Ultimate_Overlord’s ship.

Outcome: Ultimate_Overlord is initially victorious, but decides to flee as he has other things to do. Herostar is slightly injured.

Herostar and Sheep_e vs MrPig

Details. MrPig notices Herostar and Sheep_e while he is in top of a tree. He equips himself with a leather hat and tunic and an iron sword, and jumps down to fight both of them. Herostar notices him, and immediately locks swords with him. MrPig takes a swing at Herostar, but Herostar blocks it, and then swipes back at MrPig, cutting off his Leather tunic. MrPig remarks on how Herostar is skilled. MrPig and Herostar continue fighting, with MrPig backing up to a hill, as he starts to back up it, Herostar jumps over him, and stands on top of the hill.

MrPig attempts to attack him but Herostar blocks his attack. Sheep_e rushes over to help, but by the time he reaches the two, Herostar dis-arms MrPig and grabs his sword, he points it at a surrendering MrPig, with Sheep_e pointing his sword at MrPig from behind. They both tell MrPig to give up, but then Herostar is shot in the arm with an arrow from Chuckle, MrPig uses this distraction to escape.

Outcome: Herostar and Sheep_e are initially victorious, but Chuckle distracts the two and allows MrPig to flee from the battle.

MrPig vs Ultimate_Overlord

Details: MrPig is teleported into Ultimate_Overlord’s ship, MrPig attempts to punch Ultimate_Overlord, but his punch is effortlessly blocked, and he is thrown into the ships control block. MrPig decides to destroy the block, causing the ship to start crashing. The ship crashes into the ground and MrPig and Ultimate_Overlord are thrown out. Ultimate_Overlord gets up and charges up a powerful lightning bolt, he then fires it at MrPig, which sends him flying and crashing into Herostar’s house, mortally wounding him.

Outcome: Ultimate_Overlord’s ship is destroyed, but he emerges victorious. MrPig is mortally wounded from the electric bolt.

Herostar vs Ultimate_Overlord 2

Details: Herostar makes his way to the very top of the Death lord, where he encounters Ultimate_Overlord again. Ultimate_Overlord fires a bolt of lightning at Herostar, but this time he blocks it and even manages to send a small amount of it back at Ultimate_Overlord. Overlord catches the bolt, and greatly charges it up, firing a massive bolt at Herostar, who narrowly dodges it. The bolt hits the death lord head on and causes it to start crashing. Ultimate_Overlord attempts to flee but is shot by Herostar, and he falls back onto the exploding death lord. The death lord then supposedly explodes.

Herostar and Ultimate_Overlord are next seen on a small falling platform, Ultimate_Overlord fires a bolt at Herostar, but he blocks it easily. Ultimate_Overlord then draws a sword, and the two begin fighting. Herostar dodges a sword swipe and a punch from Ultimate_Overlord, and manages to lock swords and fists with him. Ultimate_Overlord knocks Herostar’s sword from his hand, but Herostar catches it with his other. Ultimate_Overlord blocks a few attacks from Herostar, then begins to fly. Ultimate_Overlord then fires 2 lightning bolts at the platform, destroying it, Herostar manages to jump off just in time to grab Ultimate_Overlord by the legs. Ultimate_Overlord however fires a bolt of lightning at Herostar, causing him to let go and fall, he then flies away victorious. Herostar lands in a small pool of water, badly injured.

Outcome: Ultimate_Overlord is victorious, however his death lord is destroyed. Herostar is defeated and badly injured, and Miss_Mouse looks after him.

Diamond_Lover vs Chuckle

Details: Diamond_Lover tries to catch up to the re-launching death lord, however he is stopped by chuckle, and the two engage in a fight. The two lock swords and then Chuckle takes a swipe at Diamond_Lover, only to have him duck under it and kick Chuckle in the stomach. Diamond_Lover then attempts to stab Chuckle, but he ducks and slides under Diamond_Lover to attack from behind. Diamond_Lover blocks Chuckles attack. Ultimate_Overlord who is on the death lord Fires a bolt of lightning down at Diamond_Lover, but he blocks it and redirects a bit of it at chuckle, who easily blocks it.

Chuckle then strikes Diamond_Lover with a powerful attack, he does block this but is knocked down a bit. Diamond_Lover quickly gets up and continues to fight chuckle. Diamond_Lover does a side-ways swipe towards chuckle, who is able to block it, however Diamond_Lover immediately kicks Chuckle’s sword out of his hand and catches it. He then points both swords at Chuckle and asks him who hired him. Chuckles tells Diamond_Lover that Ultimate_Overlord had told him to get rid of the main 5, and Diamond_Lover tells him the truth. Chuckle becomes friends with Diamond_Lover after learning this truth.

Outcome: Diamond_Lover is victorious, and manages to turn Chuckle to his side. Chuckle has become good, realising that Ultimate_Overlord has tricked him all along.

Herostar vs Ultimate_Overlord 3

Details: Herostar makes his way to a platform hanging just below the Death lord, he encounters Ultimate_Overlord, and the two immediately draw swords and begin to fight. This fight is simultaneous with Diamond_Lover and Chuckles’ fight. Ultimate_Overlord fires a bolt of lightning at Herostar, who proceeds to block it, Ultimate_Overlord then attacks Herostar, pushing him close to the edge of the platform. Herostar is almost pushed off the platform, but manages to jump past Ultimate_Overlord and draw his bow, however it breaks before he can fire it.

Ultimate_Overlord then fires 3 arrows rapidly at Herostar, Herostar managed to block the arrows with his sword. Ultimate_Overlord then charges up a powerful lightning bolt, and fires it at Herostar, who struggles to, but succeeds to block it, this left Herostar slightly worn out, with Ultimate_Overlord grinning at him. The two continue to fight, with Ultimate_Overlord firing a bolt down at Diamond_Lover.

Ultimate_Overlord fires another bolt at Herostar, which he blocks, they both then attempt to strike each other, with both of them blocking all attempts. Herostar manages to land a punch on Ultimate_Overlord’s face, knocking him close to the edge. They both then grab each other’s sword hand, and try to arm-wrestle each other off the platform, Herostar tries to kick Ultimate_Overlord off the edge, but he starts to fly and fire lightning at Herostar, making him slightly tired.

Ultimate_Overlord then grows spikes out of his hands, and charges at Herostar twice, with Herostar ducking under each charge, he then charges again, this time lower with Herostar dodging out the way. Ultimate_Overlord then grows spikes out of his head and quickly charges at Herostar, who just manages to jump over him. Ultimate_Overlord then charges up a massive lightning bolt, and fires it at Herostar. Herostar struggles to block it, and is being pushed back by it, however he manages to tilt his sword at the right angle to deflect all of the lightning at the death lord, causing it to start exploding.

As the death lord is exploding a piece flies off and directly hits Ultimate_Overlord, sending him flying and exploding mid-air. Herostar then uses a control block to fly the platform down to safety, and he watches the death lord explode in the background before celebrating.

Outcome: Herostar is finally victorious, and he makes it safely back down to the others. The death lord is destroyed for a second time, and Ultimate_Overlord is heavily injured on the ground.

Season 3

Old_Sword and Herostar vs Ultimate_Overlord.

Details: Herostar is introducing Old_Sword to chuckle and Miss_Mouse, when Ultimate_Overlord shows up and taunts Old_Sword. He then fires lightning at Herostar who blocks it, and then proceeds to shoot fireballs at Old_Sword, who deflects them back at him. Ultimate_Overlord blocks the fireballs, laughs and then flies away.

Outcome: Old_Sword is now aware of Ultimate_Overlord, and vice-versa. Neither is victories as this was only a taunt by Ultimate_Overlord.

NPC attack 1

Details: Ultimate_Overlord’s NPCs ambush Chuckles’ house, and fire arrows at the window, this causes everyone inside to start defending the house. Herostar goes out on the balcony, only to see a ship with a mini-gun on it, which fires a barrage of arrows at him, but he manages to duck under them. Diamond_Lover rushes out the door and kills NPC 36 with his diamond shovel. Old_Sword shoots an arrow at NPC 21, killing him instantly, while Sheep_e rushes out and kills an unidentified NPC with his diamond sword.

Herostar creates a dispenser and loads it with an arrow, and fires it at the ships mini gun, jamming it. He then uses fire charges to destroy the ship while Diamond lover and Sheep_e take out more NPCs. Herostar then fires fire charges at the remaining NPCs, killing many of them. Ultimate_Overlord orders a retreat to the few surviving injured NPCs. The team celebrates their victory.

Outcome: Many of Ultimate_Overlord’s NPCs are killed or injured, the team successfully defended their house from the attack.

NPC attack 2

Ultimate_Overlord creates a new ship, and takes NPC 2 with him to attack Chuckles’ house. He files it to their house, and spawns a Ghast which shoots a fireball right outside Chuckles’ house. The crew all rush out to see what’s going on, the Ghast shoots at Herostar, but he deflects the shot and kills the Ghast with it. Miss_Mouse and Chuckle use a TNT cannon to fire TNT at Ultimate_Overlord’s ship, causing it to explode and making Ultimate_Overlord and NPC 2 fall out. Ultimate_Overlord orders NPC 2 to kill the crew, and he fights Diamond_Lover. Diamond_Lover blocks NPC2’s attacks with his diamond spade, before TNT lands behind NPC2 and exploding, killing him as Diamond_Lover ran from it. Ultimate_Overlord then pulls out a wither egg, and spawns a Wither which attacks the crew.

Outcome: The crew are left to fight a Wither, NPC 2 is killed and Ultimate_Overlord’s new ship is destroyed.

Herostar, Diamond_Lover, Old_Sword, Sheep_e, Miss_Mouse and Chuckle vs The Wither.

Details: Ultimate_Overlord spawns a wither using a spawner, and it proceeds to attack Herostar, Diamond_Lover, Old_Sword and Sheep_e. It fires a shot at Diamond_Lover, who blocks it with his spade, but it causes it to break, so he flees. The Wither then fires shots at Herostar, Old_Sword and Sheep_e. Herostar and Old_Sword manage to block the attack, but Sheep_e is hit by it and is infected with the wither effect.

Herostar shoots an arrow at it, but it simply bounces off, Ultimate_Overlord then fires a lightning bolt down at Herostar who dodges it. Sheep_e no longer is infected and hit the Wither in the back with his sword, causing the Wither to lose a bit of health. Ultimate_Overlord then begins to list the Withers specs, but Herostar tells him to shut up and fires an arrow at him, but he dodges it. Old_Sword then stabs the Wither, then dodges its attack. Ultimate_Overlord states that it attacks all passive mobs, Herostar suggest they distract it with sheep, but Sheep_e denies this and instead they use a pig.

With the Wither distracted, Herostar, Sheep_e and Old_Sword attack the Wither with their sword, and Miss_Mouse joins in and punches it in the face before Herostar stabs it from behind, causing it to take a lot of damage. It then tries to shoot Herostar, but he blocks the attack, Chuckle and Diamond_Lover use a TNT cannon to launch TNT at the Wither, damaging it a lot. Ultimate_Overlord tells the Wither to hit someone, so the Wither shoots him and sends him flying into the distance. Herostar then deflects one of the Wither’s attacks back into its head, before Sheep_e stabs it from behind, killing it.

Outcome: The Wither is defeated, Ultimate_Overlord is knocked far away, and the players celebrate their victory.

Herostar, Miss_Mouse and Old_Sword vs Ultimate_Overlord

Details: Herostar and Miss_Mouse are imprisoned by Ultimate_Overlord, after they refused to cooperate, he fires lightning at them sending them flying, with Miss_Mouse being send off the edge of the cliff, but she managed to grab onto a small ledge. Herostar got up and was shocked, Ultimate_Overlord laughed at Herostar and demanded he fight to save Miss_Mouse. Ultimate_Overlord gave Herostar a stone sword while he had a diamond one, the 2 started to fight. Herostar was badly injured however, and could only deliver weak strikes, which Ultimate_Overlord blocked with no effort.

Herostar kept trying to strike Ultimate_Overlord, but he then grabbed his sword hand, and punched Herostar in the face, knocking him over and leaving him with half a heart. Ultimate_Overlord was about to finish off Herostar, but then Old_Sword ran in and punched Ultimate_Overlord, knocking him over. Old_Sword went to strike Ultimate_Overlord, but he blocked his attack and fled. Old_Sword then took Herostar home and went looking for Miss_Mouse.

Outcome: Herostar is grievously Injured, and is taken back home, Miss_Mouse is missing, Ultimate_Overlord was initially Victorious, but then fled.

Diamond_Lover vs NPC101 and Sheep_e vs NPC102

Details: Sheep_e and Diamond_Lover fall into a cave, where they encounter Ultimate_Overlord, who orders 2 NPCs, 101 and 102 to attack both of them, before fleeing. NPC101 fights Diamond_Lover while NPC102 fights Sheep_e. Diamond_Lover attacks NPC101 with his diamond spade, which is blocked, they both then strike at each other, and both successfully hit each other, knocking them both back. Meanwhile Sheep_e is fighting NPC102, they try to stab at each other but both manage to block it. Sheep_e then strikes at NPC102, who blocks the attack, but Sheep_e pulls out a pickaxe with his other hand, and slashes it across NPC102’s chestplate, causing it to take damage.

Diamond_Lover is knocked down, and NPC101 is about to finish him, however just before he does, Diamond_Lover knocks his sword out of his hand, and catches it, and proceeds to stab NPC101 in the face with it killing him instantly, before hitting him with his diamond spade. Sheep_e and NPC102 are in an arm-wrestle, with both of them grabbing the other’s sword hand. Sheep_e manages to over-power NPC102, pushing his sword into his face, killing him instantly.

Outcome: NPC101 and 102 are killed, Diamond_Lover and Sheep_e take their armour and continue on as they were victorious in their fight.

Herostar, Diamond_Lover, Old_Sword and Sheep_e vs Ultimate_Overlord and The_Destroyer

Details: Herostar, Old_Sword, Diamond_Lover and Sheep_e set out to find Ultimate_Overlord. When they find him he fires a lightning bolt at Herostar who blocks it, before charging up a powerful bolt with The_Destroyer, and firing it at the 4. The 4 manage to block it together, but are slightly exhausted by it. Ultimate_Overlord then tells The_Destroyer to summon many mobs, which start to attack Herostar, Old_Sword, Diamond_Lover and Sheep_e.

After the 4 defeated the mobs, Ultimate_Overlord tells them he’s impressed, but that he is going to attack Miss_Mouse back at home. Diamond_Lover shoots an arrow at Ultimate_Overlord just as he is about to fly away, he manages to dodge it and escape. Old_Sword and Sheep_e go after The_Destroyer, while Herostar and Diamond_Lover try to save Miss_Mouse.

Outcome: The team split up and go after Ultimate_Overlord and The_Destroyer. Miss_Mouse is captured.

Sheep_e and Old_Sword vs The_Destroyer

Details: Sheep_e and Old_Sword chase after The_Destroyer, when they catch up to him he spawns a sheep into lava, which angers Sheep_e, causing him to rush at The_Destroyer and attempt to strike him. The_Destroyer hits Sheep_e with a lightning bolt when his sword is raised, pushing him back near the lava pit and causing him to hold onto the edge of the ledge. Old_Sword then engages The_Destroyer in a sword fight, Old_Sword takes a swing at The_Destroyer, who blocks his attack, he then jumps and tries to slam his sword down onto The_Destroyer, but The_Destroyer blocks this attack with a lightning bolt.

The_Destroyer starts to push Old_Sword back while fighting, pushing him near the edge of the lava pit. The_Destroyer then slashes Old_Sword’s chest plate, causing it to break. The two then lock swords but The_Destroyer kicks Old_Sword into the lava pit, causing him to nearly burn in the lava. Old_Sword quickly drinks a fire-resistance potion, leaving him with only ½ a heart left, but alive. Sheep_e then fires an arrow at The_Destroyer, who catches it with his bare hands. He then walks away, knowing that Old_Sword and Sheep_e can’t defeat him right now.

Outcome: The_Destroyer is victorious, but does not finish off the two and instead walks away. Old_Sword is heavily injured and trapped in a lava pit, and Sheep_e is slightly injured.

Miss_Mouse vs NPCs

Details: Miss_Mouse is trapped in a cage, while Ultimate_Overlord taunts her. He is about to pull a lever that would open a trap door, making Miss_Mouse fall into a deep pit, however she pulls out a pickaxe and quickly escapes out of the cage. Ultimate_Overlord then demands 3 NPCs to kill her. The first NPC takes a swipe at Miss_Mouse, but she grabs his sword by the handle, and kicks him away. She then uses the sword to kill the first NPC instantly, she then quickly kills the next NPC with a single strike, as he is stunned by what Miss_Mouse has just done.

Miss_Mouse attacks the third NPC, who blocks a couple of her attacks, but in the end she manages to defeat him by attacking him when he is charging up an attack. Ultimate_Overlord is shocked by this and flees. Miss_Mouse then meets up with the others, and she tells them how she escaped.

Outcome: Miss_Mouse is victorious, and manages to defeat 3 NPCs with ease, she also acquires a sword for herself. Ultimate_Overlord flees back to the newly re-built Death lord.

The NPC fight

Details: Herostar, Diamond_Lover, Old_Sword, Sheep_e and Miss_Mouse all get teleported to the Death lord, where Ultimate_Overlord, The_Destroyer and many NPCs are waiting for them. The 5 then shout “Victory to the Minecrafters” before they start to fight the NPCs. Herostar quickly kills an NPC, followed by Diamond_Lover who uses his diamond spade to kill an NPC, Old_Sword stabs an NPC, killing him, and Sheep_e strikes down another NPC, while Miss_Mouse decapitates another. Ultimate_Overlord is angry at the NPCs for dying so easily, claiming that they can’t fight.

Herostar kills an NPC with a helmet, and takes the helmet and passes it to Miss_Mouse, who catches it and wears it. Diamond_Lover kills another NPC while Old_Sword is attacked by 2 NPCs, he kills the first one, grabs his sword and uses it to kill the other NPC behind him in rapid succession. Sheep_e and Herostar Kill another NPC while Ultimate_Overlord tells The_Destroyer to kill the 5 players.

Outcome: Many NPCs are killed, Ultimate_Overlord is angered and gets The_Destroyer to kill the 5, leading to another fight. The 5 players are un-harmed during this fight.

Herostar, Diamond_Lover, Old_Sword, Sheep_e and Miss_Mouse vs The_Destroyer and Ultimate_Overlord.

Details: The_Destroyer draws a sword, and go to attack the 5 players, he goes to Herostar first, and Herostar attacks him, but his attack is blocked by The_Destroyer. Herostar then takes another swing, but The_Destroyer dodges it, and fires a powerful lightning bolt at Herostar, sending him flying back. Diamond_Lover then charges at The_Destroyer, but he fires another lightning bolt at him, sending Diamond_Lover flying back as well. Miss_Mouse then manages to punch The_Destroyer in the face, knocking him over. The_Destroyer then fires lightning at Miss_Mouse, but she manages to block it, Sheep_e sneaks up behind The_Destroyer and manages to stab him in the back. Herostar and Diamond_Lover fire arrows at The_Destroyer, hitting him in the stomach, Sheep_e then mines the block below him, causing him to fall and seemingly die.

Ultimate_Overlord then decides to flee in a minecart, along a rail track, the other follow him in their own minecarts. Ultimate_Overlord starts to fire fireballs back at them, but Herostar blocks them and deflects them back. This causes him to fall out his minecart onto the ground, while the others jump out and hit a lever rigged to TNT. This causes the ship to explode and everyone in it to fall out. While everyone is falling Herostar punches Ultimate_Overlord a couple of times before they all land in a lake.

They all climb out and surround Ultimate_Overlord, however The_Destroyer appears and says he’s had enough of Ultimate_Overlord, and proceeded to kill him with lightning. He then grants the 5 players OP privileges before killing himself with lightning.

Outcome: The_Destroyer and Ultimate_Overlord are killed, the 5 players are giving OP powers and the death lord is destroyed for the 3rd and final time. However the Overlord curse begins.

Season 4

Sniper_6 and Charlotte_Axe vs Dr_Evil

Details: Sniper_6 and Charlotte_Axe are trying to find the other two, when Dr_Evil blocks there way and formally introduces himself. Charlotte_Axe tries to strike him down with her axe, but it is blocks by Dr_Evil, who is holding a sword with his moustache, he then pulls out 3 more swords after noting how she looks surprised that he can hold swords with his moustache. Charlotte_Axe attacks Dr_Evil, but her attacks are blocked by him. Dr_Evil then attacks her back with multiple strikes, which she manages to block. Sniper_6 then fires multiple arrows at Dr_Evil, he manages to block them with his moustache swords, but while he is distracted Charlotte_Axe cuts of half his moustache with her axe, bringing him down to 3 swords.

He then continues to fight Charlotte_Axe, overpowering her for a bit, but Sniper_6 fires more arrows, cutting off Dr_Evil’s other half of his moustache. While he is angry about his, Charlotte_Axe knocks one of his swords out of his hand, while Sniper_6 points his bow at him from behind. They both are ready to finish him, but Dr_Evil asks if they can compare to lightning, and before they can react he fires a lightning bolt at both of them, causing them to fall to the ground with their health draining. He then files away leaving Charlotte_Axe and Sniper_6 to die.

Outcome: Dr_Evil is victorious, though his moustache is ruined. Sniper_6 and Charlotte_Axe are left for dead, but save themselves with a golden apple.

Sniper_6 and Redstone_Lover vs Dr_Evil

Details: Sniper_6 and Redstone_Lover are mining in a cave when they find Dr_Evil, Sniper_6 warns Redstone_Lover about his lightning attack, and Redstone_Lover crafts a minigun and fires many arrows at Dr_Evil, he dodges all of them but is hit in the arm by one of Sniper_6’s arrows, and then in the other arm by one of Redstone_Lover’s arrows. Dr_Evil falls to the ground but gets up quickly and fires lightning at Redstone_Lover, who blocks it with a shield and deflects it into the ceiling of the cave.

Dr_Evil then charges up a more powerful bolt, and fires it at Redstone_Lover, who blocks it with his shield, but is pushed back towards lava. Sniper_6 attempts to shoot Dr_Evil, but just before the arrow hit him, he fires a small bolt of out his moustache, and sends the arrow back the Sniper_6. The arrow explodes right in front of Sniper_6 as it is charged, and it knocks him over. Dr_Evil has pushed Redstone_Lover right to the edge of a lava pit, but then he does a back flip and lands on his shield on top of the lava.

Redstone_Lover then creates a jetpacks and files towards Dr_Evil, who tries to fire a few lightning bolts at him but misses. While Dr_Evil is distracted, Sniper_6 sneaks up behind him and shoots him in the back, causing him to fall. The two then surround Dr_Evil telling him to give up, but he quickly files away before they can stop him.

Outcome: Sniper_6 and Redstone_Lover are victorious, Dr_Evil is damaged, but escapes the battle.

Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe vs Dr_Evil

Details: Dr_Evil bans Sheep_e in front of Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe, and they both tell Dr_Evil he will die. Dr_Evil fires a lightning bolt at Blade_101, who blocks it with is dual swords, while he is doing this, Charlotte_Axe jumps up at Dr_Evil and attempts to strike him with her axe. However Dr_Evil quickly fires a bolt of lightning at her, sending her flying back into a wall, injuring her.

Blade_101 leaps at Dr_Evil, and blocks his lightning with one sword, while he slashes Dr_Evil with his other one, causing him to fall to the ground. Blade_101 tries to finish off Dr_Evil who is lying on the ground, but he uses a lightning bolt to knock one of Blade_101’s swords out of his hand. Before Blade_101 can react, Dr_Evil fires another bolt at him, sending him flying back next to Charlotte_Axe, injuring him as well. Sniper_6 and Redstone_Lover arrive just in time to fire arrows at Dr_Evil, causing him to flee.

Outcome: Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe are slightly injured, while Dr_Evil flees from the fight after Sniper_6 and Redstone_Lover arrived.

Blade_101, Sniper_6, Charlotte_Axe and Redstone_Lover vs The Enderdragon.

Details: Blade_101, Sniper_6, Charlotte_Axe and Redstone_Lover arrive in the end, where they instantly see the Enderdragon, who swipes down at them, but they all manage to duck underneath. Sniper_6 then fires an arrow at the Dragon’s tail, but an end crystal heals it. The dragon then fires a fireball at Charlotte_Axe, who manages to deflect it, but it explodes in front of her, knocking her back a bit. Sniper_6 destroys one crystal with his bow, while Blade_101 climbs up a tower using his sword, destroying the crystal when he gets to the top.

Sniper manages to destroy 3 crystals at the same time with 3 arrows from one shot. Redstone_Lover then uses a TNT cannon to launch TNT at a crystal behind bars, the TNT destroys the bars and the crystal inside of it. However The Enderdragon destroys the cannon with 2 fireballs. It then dashes towards Charlotte_Axe, who hits it on the head, before it spits out dragon’s breath towards her and Redstone_Lover. Redstone_Lover then collects some of the dragon’s breath and starts to create potions with it. Blade_101 attempts to climb up the last tower, but halfway up one of his swords breaks, causing him to fall, Redstone_Lover throws a lingering potion of healing at him just before he hits the ground, saving him. Sniper_6 then shoots the last crystal through the bars, destroying it.

Sniper_6 then shoots two arrows at the Enderdragon, hitting it, Blade_101 then deflects it’s fireball right back at it, and Charlotte_Axe hits it with her axe as it flies by them. Redstone_Lover the uses a dispenser to throw a potion of harming at The Enderdragon. The Enderdragon then retreats back to the portal, and spits out Dragon’s breath all over the ground, making the 4 players unable to reach it. However Redstone_Lover Creates a human-cannon, and uses it to launch Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe at the Enderdragon, when they both reach it they both strike the dragon which finishes it off.

Outcome: The Enderdragon is destroyed and the 4 players have a lot of XP. However their weapons are broken and they still have to find Dr_Evil.

Blade_101, Sniper_6, Charlotte_Axe, Redstone_Lover and Dr_Evil vs The Curse Wither.

Details: Dr_Evil bans Miss_Mouse, but this causes the curse to leave his body and form its own. It takes the form of a Wither and begins to taunt Dr_Evil and the others. Dr_Evil gives Blade_101 some diamonds and then begins to distract the Wither, causing it to follow him while shooting at him. Blade_101, Sniper_6, Charlotte_Axe and Redstone_Lover gear up, and proceed to attack the Wither. Dr_Evil is cornered by the Wither, and just as it is about to kill him, Sniper_6 fires an arrow at the Wither, which just bounces off, but the Wither starts to attack the other 4 players.

The Wither fires shots at Blade_101 and Miss_Mouse, who managed to block them, Redstone_Lover fires TNT at the Wither, causing it to fall back a bit. Sniper_6 then manages to shoot more arrows at the Wither, with one hitting it, however the Wither quickly deflects all the arrows back. Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe attempt to strike the Wither, however it dodges their attacks and manages to hit both of them with a shot, knocking them over. It then shoots Redstone_Lover’s TNT cannon, causing it to explode.

Redstone_Lover quickly creates a potion gun, and fires a splash potion of weakness at one of the Wither’s heads. This allows Sniper_6 to shoot it with an arrow, killing it, while Blade_101 slices it off. The Wither then shoots at Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe, but they manage to block the attack. Redstone_Lover then fires a splash potion at the Wither’s other small head, and Sniper_6 shoots it with 2 arrows, before Charlotte_Axe slices it off with her axe.

Just when the 4 think they are winning, the Wither spawns a cage around them, draining their health quickly. However MrPig appears, with The Wither mocking him for being weak, however MrPig pulls out a device he’s been creating, and uses it to trap the Wither. With the curse finally trapped, he manages to revert everything back to normal, and unbans the 5 old member and making them young again.

Outcome: The curse is finally trapped forever. The old crew are young again, Dr_Evil is now good and the old crew tell the new crew the story of the curse.

Season 5

Original Crew vs New crew (Evil)

Details: The Original crew find the new crew inside Ultimate_Overlord’s castle, they are awakened by the curse and then immediately start to chase the crew. The Original crew runs into a ledge they climbed up earlier, and they all descent down a rope one by one, with Old-Sword being in the back. However before he can descend, he is captured by Redstone_Lover, and is taken away. The rest of the orginal crew keep Running until they get to the arrow traps, Herostar, Diamond_Lover and Miss_mouse all manage to run under them, however Sheep_e gets trapped behind and comes face to face with Dr_Evil. Sheep_e draws his sword and takes a couple of swings at Dr_Evil, who effortlessly dodges them both. Dr_Evil knocks Sheep_e’s sword out of his hand using a lightning bolt, and then proceeds to capture him.

Herostar, Diamond_Lover and Miss_Mouse come to a lava lake, Diamond_Lover decides to jump over it and makes it to the other side (Barely). Herostar and Miss_Mouse come face to face with Blade_101 and Charlotte_Axe respectively. Herostar takes a couple of swings at Blade_101, who blocks them with little effort, and then Blade_101 swings at Herostar’s head, but he managed to duck just in time. Blade_101 then tries to stab Herostar with both his swords, and Herostar barely blocks this attack. Miss_Mouse draws a sword at Charlotte_Axe, but she swings her axe aggressively at Miss_Mouse’s sword, and she is barely able to hold on. Charlotte_Axe then takes one wide sweep and knocks the sword out of Miss_Mouse’s hand, and then captures her. Blade_101 is able to knock Herostar’s sword out of his hand, and attempts to capture him, however Herostar eats a golden apple and is able to break free, Miss_Mouse tells him to run and so he does.

Meanwhile, Diamond_Lover is being chased by Sniper_6, DL hides behind a tree and Sniper_6 fires a couple of arrows at the tree to draw him out. Diamond_Lover then deflects a couple of shot arrow with his diamond shovel, but is hit in the arm by a third arrow. Just before Sniper_6 can capture him, Herostar arrives and throws a golden apple at Dimaond_Lover, who eats it. Sniper_6 then retreats and says he’ll be back.

Outcome: Old_Sword, Sheep_e and Miss_Mouse are captured by the new crew, Herostar and Dimaond_Lover barely escaped.

Miss_Mouse, Sheep_e and Old_Sword vs Charlotte_Axe, Dr_Evil and Redstone_Lover

Details: Charlotte_Axe, Dr_Evil and Redstone_Lover bring Miss_Mouse, Sheep_e and Old_Sword to an arena, where they tell them they are going to use them as target practice. Redstone_lover fires a fireball at Old_Sword and barely misses, Charlotte_Axe spawns 2 floating axes above Miss_Mouse and they both swipe down at her, she is barely able to dodge both of them. Dr_Evil charges up a lightning bolt and fires it at Sheep_e, barely missing him, he then aims for Sheep_e’s head, but he is able to duck under it just in time. Old_Sword manages to dodge another fireball, while Miss_Mouse jumps over an axe that was swinging at her feet.

The 3 taunt the new crew, and they reveal they’re only just getting started, Charlotte_Axe then spawns more axes for Miss_Mouse to dodge. Dr_Evil fires more lightning at Sheep_e, and while he is able to dodge one of them, he is directly hit by another and falls to the ground. Old_Sword attempts to dodge more of Redstone_Lover’s fireballs, but is hit by one in the face, and falls to the floor like Sheep_e. Miss_Mouse is able to dodge another axe, then manages to grab on of them and throw it at Charlotte_Axe, who catches it without breaking a sweat, and Dr_Evil and Redstone_Lover fire their respective attack at Miss_Mouse, hitting her. With all 3 on the ground, they are about to be finished off, then Sniper_6 and Blade_101 arrive telling them about how they will ambush the remainder of the original crew. Dr_Evil then traps the 3 in a cave and the New crew head off to the nether portal.

Outcome: Miss_Mouse, Old_Sword and Sheep_e are trapped in a cage, but easily escape and explore the castle. The New crew go to ambush the crew who are going through the nether.

New crew (Evil) vs Wither

Details: Herostar manages to knock the wither into a portal which leads straight into the castle where the new crew are waiting. It immediately fires at Blade_101, who is able to block a single projectile before being hit with a second, it starts to fire at Charlotte_Axe who again is able to block a mere one projectile before being hit by a second and being knocked back. Sniper_6 starts to fire arrows at the Wither, and lands a couple of successful hits, however the Wither quickly fires at him and he is knocked to the ground. Redstone_Lover and Dr_Evil fly above the Wither and fire fireballs and lightning respectively at the Wither, they manage to damage it for a second before it shoots at both of them simultaneously. The crew realises they’re not designed to fight a Wither, and decide to lure it to the trapped crew.

Outcome: The new crew are distracted and decide to retreat from the portal, however the trapped crew must now face the Wither as it is being lured to them. Overlord, Herostar, MrPig and Diamond_Lover can now sneak into the castle.

Original crew, MrPig and Overlord vs Wither

Details: The new crew lure the Wither to Sheep_e, Old_Sword and Miss_Mouse, it fires 3 shots at Sheep_e, who managed to block the first two with his sword, however upon blocking the third projectile, his sword breaks. Miss_Mouse and Sheep_e quickly jump out of the way of another projectile, and Old_Sword runs up to the wither, he jumps towards it and readies his fist, and is able to punch a projectile back at the Wither. He is briefly stunned, however Miss_Mouse is able to push him out the way of an incoming projectile, and the 3 run into a corridor. The Wither follows them down the corridor, and fires 3 projectiles at them, but they all manage to duck under them. The Wither then follows them to the graves, and then destroys the graves. The 3 then run to the failed NPC corridor, and the failed NPC zombies start to emerge from it. The Wither starts attacking the NPCs and the 3 use the distraction to run away.

Meanwhile MrPig, Overlord, Herostar and Diamond_Lover are in the NPC room, when they hear to wither coming from outside the room, they all rush over to it and prepare to attack it. The wither fires a projectile at MrPig, Overlord and Herostar, who all manage to deflect the projectile, and Diamond_Lover rushes up to it and hits it with his diamond shovel with force. The Wither then falls to the ground and the 4 run up to it and being slashing away at it. MrPig is able to cut of its left head, and Herostar cuts of its right. The Wither is about to attack when Diamond_Lover once again hits it with his spade and it falls to the ground, MrPig then finished it off by stabbing it in the main head.

Outcome: The Wither is defeated and the two parties finally meet up with each other. 

Original Crew vs New crew (Evil) #2

Details: MrPig starts to hack the command block, however the New crew arrive and taunt the original crew. All of the original crew try to attack their new counterpart, however they all miss. MrPig however manages to disable the New crew’s flight, causing them to all fall to the ground. Herostar goes to attack Blade_101, but he blocks his attack, while Dr_Evil fires lightning at Sheep_e, who is able to block it with his sword. Charlotte_Axe summons 2 floating axes, but Miss_mouse destroys one of them with her sword. Diamond_Lover manages to knock sniper_6’s bow out of his hand, and it is revealed MrPig was able to remove the New crew’s powers. Diamond_Lover then hits Sniper_6 in the head with his shovel, killing him, Old_Sword then decapitates Redstone_Lover while Miss_Mouse disarms Charlotte_Axe, and then stabs her to death. Blade_101 begs for mercy while blocking a couple of Herostar’s swings, however Herostar quickly slashes him across the face, killing him as well. However MrPig gets locked out of the command block and before Sheep_e can stab Dr_Evil, Dr_Evil he gets teleported away.

Outcome: 4 out of the 5 New crew members are killed, Dr_Evil somehow survives and is teleported to safety. The original crew get infected by the curse and they all turn old with their corrupted player profiles. Meanwhile an old foe is able to re-join the server.

Ultimate_Overlord vs Overlord and MrPig

Details: Ultimate_Overlord joins the server, and starts to taunt Overlord and MrPig. After a brief exchange, Overlord prepares to kill his brother, but Ultimate_Overlord fires a lightning bolt at him, but Overlord is able to block it. MrPig states that he is unarmed, and UO gives him a sword out of pity. MrPig, goes to attack UO but he is stopped when UO fires a lightning bolt at him, but MrPig is able to block it. UO then fires a lightning bolt at both Overlord and MrPig, they both manage to block it. However UO fires 2 bolts right at MrPig, and while he clocks one, he is hit by the second and is knocked back. UO goes to kill him, however Overlord slashes him in the back, but he is able to heal himself.

Overlord tells UO to fight like a real man, but UO shrugs it off and fires a bolt at him, which Overlord reflects back at him. UO ducks under the reflected bolt, and MrPig attempts to strike him, but he also is able to dodge this attack as well. However Ultimate_Overlord is hit in the neck by an arrow fired by Overlord. Overlord then aims another arrow at him but as he shoots it UO used a lightning bolt to destroy the arrow. MrPig throws a snowball at UO’s face, and manages to hit him, while Overlord manages to shoot an arrow into UO’s arm.

With UO distracted, Overlord and MrPig fund a staircase leading around the room, they both run up it, while UO has removed the snow from his face. MrPig throws another successful snowball at UO, distracting him again. While the two are running up the stairs, UO appears in front of them and fires 3 lightning bolts at Overlord, who struggles but manages to block all 3 at once. MrPig pigs runs ahead and gets UO to follow him, UO tries to fire lightning at MrPig, but MrPig manages to dodge them while ascending the staircase. However when MrPig reaches the top, a bolt lands right next to him and sends him flying to the edge of the platform.

MrPig manages to convince UO to fight fairly, UO disables his flight and gives himself a sword, and the two engage in sword play. UO takes a few swipes at MrPig, and he is able to block them and then jump back to avoid a third strike. MrPig then blocks a downwards swipe from UO and locks sword with him, however he is very close to the edge, and gets distracted by the drop. UO then swipes MrPig’s sword form his hand, and then UO takes one final swipe at MrPig, knocking him off the platform just in time for Overlord to see. MrPig uses a fake death message to fool UO.

Overlord is enrages by this, and charges at UO aggressively striking at him, while UO blocks his attacks.  Overlord then explains how UO was jealous of him, and that he only is what he is today because of the jealously, this causes UO to show some remorse, however Overlord quickly uses this opportunity to disarm UO, and grab he sword and point them both at him. UO smirks and reminds Overlord that as long as the command block remained, UO could just come back.

Out of options, Overlord decides to run into UO, causing both of them to fall off the platform, UO attempts to summon a lightning bolt to hit Overlord, but both of them are falling too fast. Overlord starts to shed a tear, while a flashback occurs which shows the 2 brothers creating the server, and UO getting ignored and turning evil. When the flashback ends the 2 are about to fall onto the command block, when the lightning bolt causes it to explode, killing both Overlord and Ultimate_Overlord and disabling the command block.

Outcome: Overlord and Ultimate_Overlord are both killed, the command block is destroyed, and MrPig faked his death so he could begin creating the device to trap the remains of the curse. The original crew get teleported back to the surface and they all spilt up and hide in different parts of the map, as they know that Dr_Evil remains a threat to all of them. The events of series 4 take place a few days afterwards.

Season 6

Sheep_e, Overlord and MrPig vs Techno_Hood

Details: Overlord teleports himself, Sheep_e and MrPig to a cave, where they spot Techno_Hood. Overlord assures her that he is not there to fight but to ask a few questions, however Techno_Hood refuses and takes out the Diamond Eye and uses it, stopping Sheep_e and Overlord from using their powers. She tries to flee but MrPig appears in front of her and asks her about the lag, but she draws a sword on him. Sheep_e then draws his sword and engages in a battle with her. He is able to block her attacks while Overlord assist him by shooting arrows at TH, allowing Sheep_e to knock her down. While she is on the floor MrPig removes her hood, causing her to enrage. She then stabs MrPig and Sheep_e before using the Eye to flee.

Outcome: Techno_Hood is victorious, and is able to flee. Herostar arrives and heals MrPig and Sheep_e just in time.

Miss_Mouse, Old_Sword vs Techno_Hood

Details: Old_Sword and Miss_Mouse are building their own creations, when Techno_Hood arrives and uses the Eye, causing their creations to revert to an unfinished state. Miss_Mouse then demands that she explains what she did, but she refuses. Old_Sword then engages in a battle with her, while Miss_Mouse attempts to kick her but her command is blocked. Old_Sword is able to gain the upper hand in the fight, and knocks down Techno_Hood’s sword before swiping her face, leaving a scar. She then pulls out the eye and uses it to distract Old_Sword, and then stabs him before fleeing.

Outcome: Old_Sword was initially victorious, but Techno_Hood was able to win using the diamond eye. Herostar arrives and heals Old_Sword.

Overlord, Old_Sword, Miss_Mouse, Sheep_e vs MrPig and Techno_Hood

Details: Miss_Mouse, Old_Sword, Sheep_e and Overlord retrieve the first Trident from a chest, when MrPig and Techno_Hood appear behind them and demand that they hand it over. Overlord is shocked to see that MrPig has changed sides, and demands to know why he is did it. MrPig reveals he is helping his real friends, before Overlord calls MrPig a traitor, and swings his axe at him. MrPig dodges and places some lit TNT, which explodes and knocks Overlord back. Meanwhile Old_Sword confront Techno_Hood, and the 2 engage in their second battle. Sheep_e attempts to attack MrPig from behind, but he turns around and punches him in the face, and then places lit TNT sending Sheep_e flying back with only 4 hearts remaining.

He is about to finish off Sheep_e, however Overlord is able to save him by attacking MrPig, who avoids his attacks. MrPig is somehow able to place lit TNT right behind him, but he is able to pull out a shield just in time to block the damage. Techno_Hood is able to disarm Old_Sword and is about to finish him off, however Miss_Mouse throws the trident at her and misses. However this distracts TH long enough for Old_Sword to get up and punch her to the ground. Overlord then takes the Trident and throws it at MrPig, damaging him and allowing Sheep_e to attack him, bringing him down to 3 hearts. At the same time Old_Sword and Miss_Mouse attack Techno_Hood, also bringing her down to 3 hearts. MrPig and Techno_Hood quickly flee into the water and are able to escape.

Outcome: MrPig and Techno_Hood lost, and had to flee to survive and the Crew witnesses the power of the first Trident.

Old_Sword, Overlord vs MrPig and Techno_Hood

Details: Overlord and Old_Sword make their way to the 2nd Trident’s location, however they are surprised to see that MrPig and Techno_Hood have gotten it first. Techno_Hood then uses her trident to dash into Old_Sword, damaging him and knocking him back. Overlord tires to help but MrPig stops him, and the two battle again. Old_Sword is able to dodge a few of Techno_Hood’s dash attacks, but when he tries to battle her with a sword she easily kills him. Overlord knocks MrPig out of the way and uses his trident to steal Techno_Hood’s one. MrPig tries to grab the tridents but only grabs the loyalty one, allowing Overlord to take the Riptide and use it to dash away.

Outcome: Old_Sword is killed, and Overlord is able to swap tridents before fleeing.

Overlord, Miss_Mouse, Herostar and Sheep_e vs Elder guardians

Details: The first Elder Guardian fires its laser at Herostar, who attempts to block it but is knocked back by it. Miss_Mouse attempts to charge at the Guardian but is also knocked back by the laser. Overlord come up with a plan to distract the Guardians and attack them while they’re distracted, and Sheep_e decides to distract the guardians. Two of them aim their laser at him, and while they are distracted Herostar uses Diamond_Lover’s shovel to hit the guardian twice, but is quickly knocked away by the second Guardian. However Overlord uses this opportunity to use his trident to dash into the Guardian, damaging it, before he blocks its laser and finishes it off.

The remaining 2 Guardians shoot at Sheep_e and Miss_Mouse, who are able to dodge the lasers while Overlord charges at one of them. However one of the Guardians fires at him, knocking the Trident from his hand, however Herostar is able to catch it. Miss_Mouse is hit by one of the Guardians and is knocked to the ground, it charges up another laser, but Herostar dashes into it, disrupting its beam. He then charges into it one more time, killing it. Sheep_e is knocked back by the final Guardian, and Herostar goes to attack it. The guardian fires a beam at Herostar and he uses the Trident to block it, the Guardian keeps firing the beam at him. Miss_Mouse then takes a shovel from Herostar and throws it at the final Guardian, breaking its beam and allowing Herostar to finish it off.

Outcome: With the Elder Guardians defeated, the crew go to retrieve the last Trident, but are shocked to find it is not there. MrPig then uses the Trident to destroy Miss_Mouse’s helmet, causing her to drown.

Overlord, Herostar and Sheep_e vs MrPig and Techno_Hood

Details: Just after Miss_Mouse drowns, Herostar charges at MrPig with his trident, but MrPig fires lightning from his at him, knocking him back. Herostar quickly recovers and goes to fight MrPig, and is able to block the lightning he fires. Techno_Hood throws her trident at Herostar, but narrowly misses. MrPig then reveals who he is working for, and Techno_Hood reassures him that he is best friends. While he is distracted, Overlord takes a swing at MrPig, who is able to avoid it. MrPig then fires lightning at Overlord, but he blocks it with his shield. Herostar dashes at Techno_Hood, but she is able to block his dash with her trident. MrPig shoots lightning at Herostar, but it hits the 2 other tridents, causing them the react and activate a beacon from the Diamond Eye.

Techno_Hood attempts to grab Herostar’s Trident, but Overlord stops her and slashes her face with his axe, giving her another scar. MrPig then fires lightning at Overlord as he is angry that he hurt his friend. Overlord is able to block the lightning with his shield but Techno_Hood breaks his shield with her trident, allowing MrPig to hit Overlord with his lightning. He is about to finish off Overlord, but Herostar charges at him, and blocks Techno_Hood’s trident when she throws it at him, and also blocks MrPig’s lightning. Sheep_e then holds onto Overlord who holds onto Herostar, and the 3 dash away using the Trident. MrPig and Techno_Hood attempt to hit them, but they both miss.

Outcome: Overlord, Herostar and Sheep_e manage to escape from MrPig and Techno_Hood, and start to head towards the location of the Eye.

Overlord and Herostar vs MrPig, Techno_Hood and Lord_Hat

Details: Overlord, Herostar and Sheep_e meet Lord_Hat, however MrPig sneaks up behind them and kills Sheep_e with his Trident. Lord_Hat then Orders MrPig and Techno_Hood to kill Overlord and Herostar, and the 4 engage in the final battle. MrPig blocks an attack from Overlord, and attempts to stab him, but Overlord dodges the attack and swipes at MrPig, who also dodges. The two then lock weapons and Overlord asks MrPig why he is doing what he is, and he explains that Lord_Hat trusts him unlike Overlord. Overlord then declares MrPig is dead to him, and the two agree and continue fighting. 

Herostar and Techno_Hood start to fight, and they are able to block each other’s attacks, before Herostar jumps over her and attempts to attack her from behind. She is able to block his attacks, but Herostar is able to rip off Techno_Hood’s hood with his trident. She then attempts to stab Herostar but he blocks her attacks, and the two continue fighting. MrPig and Overlord are still fighting, when Lord_Hat decides to let it rain the base using a contraption he made. The rain allowed MrPig to fire lightning from his trident, Overlord is able to duck under it. Herostar gives him a sword to block lightning with, and continues to fight. Herostar dashes at Techno_Hood, but she ducks and throws her trident at him, and he dashes in the air to avoid it. He then aims at Techno_Hood while in the air and dashes down towards her, but she throws her trident at him knocking him down to the ground.

Overlord blocks some lightning fired by MrPig, and takes some swings at him, but MrPig is able to block the attacks. While Overlord’s guard is down, MrPig fires a lightning bolt at Overlord, knocking him to the ground. He is about to finish Overlord off, but Herostar dashes at him, causing MrPig to block his attack. Herostar is then surrounded by MrPig and Techno_Hood, but dashes upwards and avoids MrPig’s lightning and Techno_Hood’s Trident. He then dashes straight down, knocking MrPig back, and he quickly charges at Techno_Hood, knocking her trident out of her hand and into Overlord’s. Herostar then approaches Lord_Hat and demands he surrender, which he does sarcastically before hitting a lever with his leg, causing the Eye to shoot lightning at Herostar, knocking him to the ground.

MrPig then shoots lightning at the distracted Overlord, knocking him down next to Herostar. Lord_Hat then orders MrPig to kill them both, however he accidentally reveals he is working for Ultimate_Overlord, causing MrPig to go into a rage. He stabs Techno_Hood, knocking her to the ground, before grabbing her trident and charging at Lord_Hat, who is shaking with fear. MrPig then swiftly kills Lord_Hat, before using the Tridents to destroy the eye, saving the server.

Outcome: Lord_Hat is killed and Techno_Hood is defeated. Overlord finally grants MrPig OP powers which he used to ban Techno_Hood and Lord_Hat. Overlord creates a new map for the server, and the Original crew celebrate their victory.

Overlord Chronicles


The Minecrafters Story


The Minecrafters: The Aftermath


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