Evil renews is the third episode of Season 4, in which a new villain arrives to cause chaos.




Blade_101 and Sniper_6 finish training in Herostar's house, but all of a sudden a player called Dr_Evil breaks into the house and bans Herostar just as he was about to explain about the curse. Dr_Evil then flies away and Blade_101 notices a new name in the book, this time "Diamond_Lover" and the two quickly get out of the house before a block of TNT explodes. The two fight their way through mobs, and Blade rides a pig but accidentally rides it off the edge. he continues to fight mobs while in the pit, and Sniper is knocked into it by an Enderman but is able to escape using an Ender Pearl. Sniper passes Blade some blocks and he is able to build his way out of the pit.


  • This is the last episode to be drawn without the aid of a ruler.
  • This is also the last episode to be made before a giant break, which caused the next episode to have a new art style.
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