Envious is the fourth episode of Overlord Chronicles



A player join's Overlord and Overlord 2's server, named MrPig. He begins taunting Overlord 2 by calling him number 2, and isn't impressed with his game. MrPig tempts Overlord 2 by offering to teach him hacking, but he refuses. More players join the server and Overlord 2 feels even more neglected, and in his sleep ponders on when MrPig called him number 2, and contacts him online for help. The next day Overlord announces his depature for college, meaning he will be less active, pleasing Overlord 2 and he will now be able to carry out a plan...


  • This is MrPig's first in game chronological appearance.
  • Ultimate_Overlord was easily manipulated by MrPig, showing how he is insecure.
  • MrPig pulls a similar pose to what he did in season 5 with the pigmen.
  • Ultimate_Overlord's eyes briefly change to the upside down concave version when he is angry.
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