Enderdragon attack is the 6th episode of Season 1, and the first episode where the End is featured.



Herostar, Diamond_Lover and Old_Sword arrive in the end, and mine their way to the surface of the island where they encounter many Endermen. The Endermen quickly run away however as the Enderdragon arrives, charging at the players and hitting Herostar, knocking him back. He fires an arrow at it, hitting it in the head, but it is healed by an end crystal. Old_Sword shoots one of the crystals with a bow, while Diamond_Lover climbs up a pillar and smashes another crystal with his shovel, knocking him off the pillar and injuring him.
The Enderdragon charges at Diamond_Lover, killing him, but since the server is not Hardcore, and has a system where you respawn where you died with all your items, he respawns immediately with all his items and continues fighting. The crew mange to destroy all the crystals, and they all shoot at the dragon, injuring it. They continue to attack it with there weapons, chipping away at its health, until it charges at them one last time. The 3 shoot an arrow at it, the first 2 miss, but the 3rd hits it right in the head.


  • This episode has the first death, though it does not count as it was mainly a joke and he respawned immediately.
  • This episode is the first time a boss is fought.
  • Only 3 crystals were shown to be destroyed, it is very likely that there were more destroyed off screen.
  • Heorstar's arrow was the one that hit the dragon during its final charge.
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