Dungeon is the second episode of Season 1.



Herostar attempts to fight off the creepers, while the other two quickly dig underground. Herostar is knocked into the hole by a zombie, and the 3 begin to search underground for supplies. They come across a dungeon and enter it, they open the chest and retrieve the loot it has. Herostar consumes the Golden apple that was in the chest, and kills the zombies in the dungeon before disabling the spawner.
The 3 leave the dungeon and explore some more, and they gather iron and gold. They make more armour for themselves before returning to the surface. Old_Sword reveals he has got 3 diamonds, so they make a diamond pick to collect some obsidian to make a portal to the nether. They create the portal and prepare to enter it.


  • This episode has the only appearance of a dungeon in the entire series.
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