Dr_Evil was a major antagonist in season 4 and a minor one in season 5. He is a member of the New Crew.


Dr_Evil was created by Ultimate_Overlord to defeat the main crew, his data was copied from Sheep_e and he was released from a chamber in Ultimate_Overlord's castle. He was able to capture Sheep_e and place him in a jail cell along with Miss_Mouse and Old_Sword. He, Charlotte_Axe and Red_Stone lover used the 3 as target practice, but placing them in an arena and using their special abilities to hit them. Before he could finish them off, Blade_101 and Sniper_6 inform him that the rest of the crew are sneaking through the castle via the nether, and the 5 cursed members fly to the portal. However Overlord and Herostar send a Wither through the portal and it starts to attack the cursed crew. He tries to hit it with lightning but is hit, so the cursed crew decide to lure it towards the 3 trapped players. The cursed crew fights the main crew one more time, but all of them except Dr_Evil are killed when MrPig removes their powers, as he is teleported away by Ultimate_Overlord to a safe place.

During Season 4 he is the only cursed member left, and he sets out to ban the main crew, as doing so will release part of the curse trapped within them all. He is able to ban all of them one by one, while fighting of the new redeemed New crew multiple times. He is able to get into the End and locate Miss_Mouse, who he bans and causes the last of the curse to be released. However as this happens the curse also is released from himself, and he becomes a real player while the curse forms itself into a Wither. Dr_Evil is confused as to what happened but gives Blade_101 some diamonds and distracts the Wither long enough for the new crew to arm themselves and fight. The New crew get trapped by the curse but MrPig is able to stop the curse using a program he made, and is able to reset all the effects of the curse. He joins the New Crew and the 5 of them leave the server to go on more adventures elsewhere.

Skills and personality

While cursed, Dr_Evil was a cold hearted and merciless player, along with the rest of the curse crew. He had no problem capturing his main counterpart and torturing him. However once the curse left him he was very apologetic and regretted everything that he had done.

He had the ability to fire lightning from his hands while cursed, which had the effect to leave a damaging debuff on anyone it hit if he choose to. He was also able to use his moustache to hold two swords which he used to fight with.


  • His moustache is based off of Dr.Eggman's from the Sonic franchise.
  • He is one of the very few characters to never die.
  • He was the only member of the new crew to still be cursed in Season 4.
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