Diamond_Lover is one of the main protagonists of The Minecrafters. He is Herostar's closest friend, and the two have been fighting side by side since they first met. He once had a crush on Miss_Mouse though she initially did not return the love. He is known for his love of diamond shovels, which he uses as his main weapon all the time.


Diamond_Lover joined Overlord's server during the Prologue, where he met Herostar resulting in the two becoming friends. The two eventually are saved from an Enderman by Old_Sword who quickly joins them and becomes their friend. The 3 set out on a mining journey, when they encounter MrPig, who starts to grief and trick all of them, forcing them to come up with a plan to stop him. Diamond_Lover eventually meets Sheep_e, who had just joined the server and makes friends with him. Later he learns about how MrPig stole the server off of Overlord, and witnesses Overlord banning him and placing him in jail.

During Season 2 he meets Ultimate_Overlord, and the two become enemies. He is almost killed by MrPig when he is knocked into lava, but is saved by Overlord. He witnesses Overlord's death at the hands of Ultimate_Overlord, and is angered by this. Later he meets Miss_Mouse and instantly falls in love with her, although she does not return the love. He has a few encounters with Chuckle, who at the time was being tricked by Ultimate_Overlord, where he stole some of his diamonds, and set up traps for him and the others. Eventually while Herostar is battling UO on the Death Lord, he goes to face Chuckle, he is able to defeat him and tell him the truth about UO. The two then become friends and watch Herostar defeat UO from the ground.

During Season 3 he fights UO along with his friends, and he witnesses the defeat of UO. He was there when the curse started, and he was able to escape the cursed players along with Herostar. The two eventually meet up with MrPig and Overlord who were revived, and they all team up to defeat the curse. They sneak into the castle using the Nether as a bypass, and once they enter they encounter their captured friends. Diamond_Lover is infected by the curse after killing the cursed Sniper_6, and gains a withered effect, weakening him as well as the others. He goes into hiding waiting for The New Crew to arrive.

During Season 4 he is hiding in a village, when the New Crew meets him, he tries to explain about the curse but is banned by Dr_Evil. He appears in Season 6 with a new skin, and he is there to witness the Diamond_Eye's power. It isn't until MrPig merges the eye with a Conduit that he loses his powers, and since he was flying quite high up, he fell and landed with 1/2 a heart remaining. He is later found by Herostar and the two make their way to the others, however, due to lack of sleep, he is ambushed and easily killed by a Phantom due to his low health. He later respawns when the eye is destroyed, and reunites with his friends.

He was later teleported to a random place after Overlord's and Owner's server are merged and meets up with Old_Sword, Gold and Perfume_Crandy. They all decide to raid a pillager outpost and after some planning are able to successfully do so and retrieve the loot. They are then pursued by Ultimate_Overlord in his Death Lord and meet up with Overlord and Owner. He distracts UO allowing Overlord to build a cannon and damage the Death Lord. He is later seen during the raid on the Virtis tower, and he is one of the survivors and hides in a cave with the rest. He helps Ultimate_Overlord redeem himself with kind words and joins in with the plan to destroy the tower. He is later seen after the servers have been restored and goes back to mining in his cave.

Skills and personality

Diamond_Lover is a goofy character, and messes up on many occasions, despite this he is a fairy skilled player, and uses a diamond shovel as his main weapon quite efficiently. He has also used a sword on many occasions, and has beaten Chuckle in a one on one fight, as well as being able to kill many mobs at once. He has a crush on Miss_Mouse and makes many attempts to flirt with her, even making a terrible song. 


Up to Season 2 Episode 8, Diamond_Lover had the basic design, with nothing to identified him by except his armour and sometimes a name tag. From Season 2 Episode 8 he gained a line across his forehead, making him identifiable from Herostar. During Season 4 he had a withered appearance, where he had bags under his eyes and a small mustache. In season 6, like most of the other male characters, he got a re-design, where he now had a combed hair style.


  • Enderdragon attack- Killed by the Enderdragon when he fell of a pillar, but he immediately respawned.
  • Phantom pain - Killed by a phantom when he was at 1/2 a heart due to a previous fall.


  • Diamond_Lover is considered the second main character after Herostar, and also has the second most amount of episode appearances (61 compared the Herostar's 69)
  • Diamond_Lover is one of only 3 characters to appear in all 6 seasons, the other two being Herostar and Sheep_e.
  • Diamond_Lover always carries at least one Diamond Shovel at all times when possible.
  • Diamond_Lover died during Enderdragon attack, but due to the server not being hardcore, and having an insta-respawn, he respawned with all his stuff in the same place he died.
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