Death end is the final episode of season 3.


Diamond Lover
Ultimate Overlord
Miss Mouse
The Destroyer


The Death Lord explodes and the crew and Ultimate_Overlord start falling, Herostar grabs UO and punches him a couple of times. They all land in water and Ultimate_Overlord asks them how it is going to end, but before they can answer The_Destroyer reveals he faked his death. He then tells UO that he has had enough of him, and proceeds to kill him with his lightning. The_Destroyer then reveals that he is done with griefing and gives op powers to the main crew, before killing himself.

The crew then celebrate the fact that they won and decide to go mining and rebuild the house. However shortly afterwards TNT starts to fall from the sky, destroying the house that they built and causing them all to panic. The crew have no idea what is going on and start to realise that the curse has started.


  • This is the first episode where more than one antagonist is killed.
  • This is the first season finale to have a bad ending.
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