The curse command block is a command block that was used to trigger the curse.


The curse command block was made by Ultimate_Overlord to trigger a series of events known as The Curse on the server. He placed it in a silo inside his Castle to keep it safe, and when he died in Season 3 it was immediately activated. MrPig was able to hack into the command block and partially disable it, but was attacked by UO. The command block was eventually destroyed when UO accidentally hit it with a lightning bolt as he and Overlord were falling towards it, causing it to blow up and kill them both.


  • This is the third time Ultimate_Overlord has destroyed one of his own things with lightning.
  • It is unknown how all the functions of the curse were stored in one command block.
  • The curse was able to continue without the command block, but it was severely weakened.
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