Chuckle trap is the 6th episode of Season 2, it introduces a new character who is tricked by Ultimate_Overlord.



Herostar and Diamond_Lover continue to fight mobs, when an Enderman appears which Diamond_Lover attempts to attack, but it teleports away. It then teleports into the house and startles Miss_Mouse, but Sheep_e is able to kill it quickly. Miss_Mouse thanks Sheep_e and it turns day. Meanwhile Ultimate_Overlord expresses that he needs a new assistant, and just then Chuckle joins the server.

Ultimate_Overlord approaches Chuckle and begs him to help him, and he tells Chuckle how 4 players are taking over the server and gives him a stack of diamonds as payment, to which Chuckle agrees to help. Herostar and Sheep_e go out exploring but then they walk into one of Chuckle's traps. Chuckle greets them then proceeds to hit a switch, which opens up the floor and sends the two falling into the underground.


  • The episode continues the fight from the last which is a remake of the fight in the first episode.
  • Ultimate_Overlord performs his famous action when he stretches his head to mock MrPig.
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