Chuckle was a minor antagonist in season 2 and a minor protagonist in season 3.


Chuckle joined the server in season 2, and he was immediately approached by Ultimate_Overlord who was able to convince him to stop the main crew. Throughout the season Chuckle set up many traps for the main crew, causing Herostar and Sheep_e to fall into an underground cave, and then get launched out of it. He also stole Diamond_Lover's diamonds and was able to assist MrPig when he battled Herostar and Sheep_e. When the Death Lord was launched for a second time he was waiting on a bridge when Diamond_Lover approached him and fought him. Chuckle lost after a struggle, and he told DL that he was told by UO to kill them all, but DL tells him the truth and he realises his mistake, and becomes friends with the crew.

During Season 3 he built a giant house for the crew to live in, and helped to defend it against the NPCs. Off screen he was somehow able to sneak TNT into the Death Lord MKII while it was under construction. He assisted the crew with defeating a Wither and mostly stayed at home to defend the house. His house was ambushed by NPCs when he was alone, and he was able to defend off a few of them, but was shot in the head by another with a bow, and he instantly died. His body was later seen by Herostar and Old_Sword, who mourned his death.

Skills and personality

Chuckle was a gullible member who was very easily tricked and manipulated by Ultimate_Overlord. He eventually comes to his senses and helps out the crew and is really a friendly user. He is shown to be very good at making a hiding traps, as well as building. He is decent at fighting but was beaten by Diamond_Lover and killed by some NPCs later on.


Succeeding: While fighting a bunch of NPCs who broke into his house one of them shoots an arrow at him, killing him.


  • Chuckle is inspired by the Sonic 3 character, Knuckles, being very gullible and being tricked by the main villain to create traps to stop the protagonists.
  • Chuckle is one of the few characters to join the main crew after being defeated.
  • He has one of the least number of appearances of any Protagonists in the series.
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