Changes is the ninth episode of Overlord Chronicles



Overlord 2 takes control of the server, making himself known to the players and demoting MrPig to his number 2. Overlord joins and is killed by MrPig and Overlord 2, before O2 renames himself to Ultimate Overlord, finally piecing together his rule. Feeling as he no longe rneeds him, U_O deops MrPig and tosses him aside. Next, U_O installs the zeppelin plugin on the server, but finds it difficult to build anything, and contemplates getting help.


  • This Episode takes place during the first few episodes of Season 2.
  • This Episode re-shows most things that happened during Season 2 episode 2.
  • It is revealed that MrPig was going to betray Ultimate_Overlord, but UO betrayed him first.
  • It is shown that UO is still not good at building things, as his ship is very badly made an explodes.
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