Back up is the fourteenth episode of Overlord Chronicles



Ultimate_Overlord has captured Miss_Mouse, but she is able to escape and kills the NPCs that UO commanded to stop her. UO then tells The_Destroyer to launch the death lord, thinking he has won he exclaims he has succeeded all by himself. The original crew then teleport on board and begin fighting the NPCs. UO tells TD to kill the players, to which he goes to, but ends up becoming bored and falls out of the ship when Sheep_e mines the block under him. The crew then chase UO on a mine track while Old_Sword hits a lever that activates TNT and causes the entire Death Lord to blow up. UO says how the crew ruined everything he made, but then TD arrives and kills UO as he was fed up with him. He then gives the crew op powers before killing himself. The curse command block activates shortly afterwards.


  • This episode takes place during the last episodes of Season 3.
  • The Fight between the main crew and the NPCs is re-shown here.
  • Unlike in Season 3, The_Destroyer seems to be much more annoyed while fighting the crew.
  • The Command block is activated shorty after UO died, starting the curse.
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