An Old Hero Returns is the second episode of season 4, where quite literally an old hero does return to assist the new players.


Sniper 6


Sniper_6 meets up with Blade_101 and the two find a book lying on the ground. Blade reads it and finds a list of names, with only the first one visible which reads "Herostar". The two have no idea who that is and they both together gather more supplies, and Blade creates an iron sword while Sniper creates a new bow as he previously lost his. The two head to the surface and begin to fight many mobs, but get surrounded and are almost killed when a Withered Herostar arrives and saves both of them. The three head back to Herostar's house and Herostar is able to train the two to be better fighters with a small arena and shooting range.


  • The title of this Episode is a pun based on how an old Herostar returns to help the crew.
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