Alternate plans is the sixteenth episode of Overlord Chronicles



Ultimate_Overlord and Overlord are killed when the command block is destroyed, causing UO to find help online. He goes on a hacking website and finds a user with a 5 star rating, being Lord_Hat. He contacts him and tells him how he needs help, to which Lord_Hat agrees to do. UO uses the remaining curse member to ban the original crew and release the Wither curse. MrPig is able to stop the curse fully and restore the server. Before UO can do anything the FBI knock on his door and arrest him as he answers it. Lord_Hat begins the plan UO left him, he joins the server but is scared by a chicken, so he decides to build an underwater base. Techno_Hood joins the server and notices something under the water, and she goes to investigate. She finds Lord_Hat and he explains he is helping UO, who Techno_Hood remembers from long ago and agrees to help out.


  • The first half of this episode takes place during Season 4.
  • It is unknown how Lord_Hat got a 5 star rating, it is likely fake.
  • It is shown that UO was only arrested as he left his VPN off.
  • This episode contains the most Characters in the Overlord chronicles series.
  • It is shown how Lord_Hat is really a coward as he gets scared by a chicken.
  • Techno_Hood only helped Lord_Hat as she found out she could help UO.
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