A new arrival is the first episode of season 4, beginning the journey of a New Crew.


Sniper 6


Blade_101 joins the server and begins to gather wood to create tools and weapons. The sun begins to set and he creates a second sword which he uses in conjunction with his main to fight some zombies. He is able to fight off the zombies but then gets shot in the arm by a Skeleton before a creeper blows up next to him, knocking him down. He quickly digs underground and starts to mine for supplies. Sniper_6 joins the server and find a a bow on the ground and kills a few mobs, but is forced to retreat when he is overpowered. Meanwhile Blade_101 mines some iron and uses them to create boots, but he then realises that he should've made an iron pick.


  • Sniper_6 seems to know Blade_101, indicating that the two player may know each other in real life as they have never met in game before as they were previously controlled via AI.
  • Blade's Iron boots may be a reference to Trock's Golden Boots from the MCStory.
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