A Nether situation is the 3rd episode of Season 1.



Herostar, Old_Sword and Diamond_Lover enter the nether, and quickly encounter a Ghast. Herostar quickly kills it with his bow, and the 3 encounter some Blazes. Herostar proceeds to kill them with a snowball and collects the rods it drops. The 3 return to the overworld and enter a cave. They come across an abandoned mineshaft and DL is poisoned by a cave spider, but survives.
Herostar kills a slime, but it splits into 4 smaller slimes, but DL kills them with his bow. A Creeper blows up being Old_Sword, but he survives, and the 3 make their way towards the stronghold. They come across some Silverfish, which they easily kill, before Herostar calls the others to check something out.


  • This was the first episode to contain a PoV, a feature that returns in many future episodes.
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